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    Emission energy-saving test Research Department
    ■Emission and Energy Saving Testing and Research Department is mainly responsible for mandatory inspection and certification, commissioned research and development, production conformity and in-use compliance checks for vehicles, powertrains and other areas involving emissions and energy efficiency, and has research and development and testing capabilities covering global automotive energy conservation and emission reduction, carbon reduction regulations and mainstream industry standards. ■The laboratory has the industry's advanced emission testing equipment, It includes light high-low temperature environmental chamber, heavy high-low temperature environmental chamber, light and heavy four-wheel drive chassis dynamometer, light and heavy emission analysis system, full current dilution emission test room and partial shunt dilution emission test room, full spectrum sunlight simulation system, portable emission test system, evaporation chamber, autonomous driving robot and other equipment to support the laboratory's stable operation, and provide accurate test results. ■The laboratory has a number of qualifications such as announcement, environmental protection, operation, classification society, etc. Relying on international leading test equipment, professional test team and comprehensive system guarantee, the laboratory can provide automobile mandatory inspection, import and export certification, research and development and other test technical services for enterprise.
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    The Parts Test and Research Department
    ■The Parts Test and Research Department includes four business segments: intelligent cockpit component development and verification, body and accessory performance verification, component photoelectric performance development and verification, material weather resistance and chemical performance verification. It conducts testing and simulation research on the performance, reliability and environmental resistance of automotive main and passive safety components and body and chassis components. ■The laboratory has advanced test equipment such as three-dimensional H-point device, absolute articulated arm, vehicle environment and climate simulation chamber, seat strength test bench, tire testing machine, optical measurement system of motor vehicle lamps, three comprehensive vibration test bench, fatigue durability test bench, multi-joint flexible robot arm, etc., which has a good foundation for providing quality testing services. We have accumulated rich experience in standard research, component inspection, product quality inspection and simulation optimization. ■The laboratory has been recognized by CNAS and CMA, has the product inspection qualification of announcement, CCC, operation and environmental protection, and has passed the two-party recognition of a number of domestic vehicle enterprises, and can provide enterprises with compulsory inspection of automotive products, export certification and enterprise product development verification and other testing services.
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    Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Division
    ■The Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Division includes three major business segments: closed field testing and evaluation, public road testing and evaluation, and virtual simulation testing and evaluation. It mainly engages in testing and evaluation research in emerging technology fields such as active protection testing, driving assistance testing, and autonomous driving testing. ■We have industry-leading dedicated closed testing ground and testing equipment resources. Relying on the 300 acre closed testing ground in Zengcheng, Guangzhou and the 645 acre Bay Area Intelligent Connection Testing Ground in Pingshan, Shenzhen, it integrates leading high-precision positioning and orientation systems, autonomous driving robot systems, high simulation (dummy and fake vehicles) soft target objects, soft target mobile transportation platforms, open road evaluation systems, and fleet remote control platforms both domestically and internationally ADAS hardware in the loop simulation testing toolchain and other testing platforms and systems have been established. And a third level R&D verification system has been developed for simulation testing, closed field testing, and public road testing for intelligent connected vehicles. ■The laboratory has been recognized by CNAS and CMA, and has qualifications such as Operation and CCC. Relying on industry-leading closed test facilities and testing equipment resources, professional testing teams, and comprehensive system guarantees, we can provide enterprises with research and development verification testing services for active safety, assisted driving, and autonomous driving related national standards, operational standards, European and American standards, mainstream national (regional) new car evaluation regulations (NCAP), and enterprise standards.
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    Vehicle Test and Research Department
    ■The Vehicle Testing and Research Department is mainly engaged in the research of dynamic and static performance testing related to whole vehicles. Targeting domestic and foreign customers, it has established a professional testing team and built three major business platforms, including mandatory inspection, export certification and testing, and R&D testing and verification, covering passenger cars, buses, trucks, special vehicles, modified vehicles, trailers, and whole vehicle chassis. ■The laboratory actively introduces advanced vehicle road performance testing systems, handling stability testing systems, smoothness testing systems, energy flow and thermal balance testing systems, noise testing systems, roll test benches, protection test benches, rain test rooms and other equipment from both domestic and international sources; The vehicle performance test site is the only one in South China that has obtained dual qualifications from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Transportation. It is equipped with excellent performance indicators such as dynamic squares, complex weather simulation channels, high-speed loops, performance roads, ABS roads, noise roads, wading roads, and standard ramps. ■The laboratory has been recognized by CNAS and CMA, with qualifications such as announcement, CCC, operation, and environmental protection. Relying on leading testing equipment, professional testing teams, and comprehensive system guarantees, it can provide enterprises with automotive mandatory inspection, CCC, export certification, environmental protection, operational safety standards, as well as customized vehicle road performance and subjective evaluation testing technical services.
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    New Energy Experimental Research Department
    ■The New Energy Test and Research Department includes three major business sectors: energy systems, electric drive electronic control systems, and charging systems. It mainly engages in mandatory regulatory inspections and research and development verification testing of key systems and components of new energy vehicles. It has the ability to cover national standards and mainstream European, American, and Japanese standard testing services for new energy vehicle three electrical systems, and is committed to researching common technologies and developing testing methods for key components of new energy vehicles, To provide high-level one-stop full value chain technology services for enterprises in the entire industry chain of new energy vehicles. ■The laboratory has advanced testing equipment such as a power battery charging and discharging test system, temperature and humidity environment box, four comprehensive vibration test bench, short circuit test bench, extrusion/needle puncture test bench, bottom ball impact test bench, dust box, salt spray box, high-speed motor testing system, high torque high-power motor testing system, dual axis powertrain testing system, conduction charging testing system, wireless charging testing system, etc., relying on rich testing resources, The laboratory has a stable foundation in providing testing services for the three electric systems of new energy vehicles, and has accumulated rich experience in optimizing testing evaluation indicators and verifying key technical indicators. ■The laboratory has been recognized by CNAS and CMA, and has qualifications in Announcement, CCC, and CBTL. With leading testing equipment, professional testing teams, and comprehensive system guarantees in the industry, it can provide enterprises with mandatory product certification, commissioned product inspection, and export certification testing technical services for key components of new energy vehicles.
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    Collision Test Research Department
    ■The Collision Test Research Department includes three major business sectors: real vehicle collision, sliding platform collision, and pedestrian protection. It mainly engages in research on new testing technologies such as passive safety testing and active passive fusion in the automotive industry. It has the ability to cover global automotive collision safety, pedestrian protection standards and regulations, as well as mainstream new vehicle evaluation regulations (NCAP) research and development testing. ■The laboratory has advanced collision testing equipment in the industry, covering traction systems, simulated collision systems, pedestrian protection systems, data acquisition systems, camera systems, lighting systems, and collision dummies. And equipped with infrastructure such as dummy calibration room, vehicle confidentiality preparation room, measurement platform, general tool warehouse, sensor dedicated warehouse, constant temperature and humidity air conditioning room, mobile insulation room, and sample storage area, to support the good operation of the laboratory and ensure accurate test results. ■The laboratory has been recognized by CNAS and CMA, with announcement, CCC, and operational qualifications. Relying on internationally leading testing equipment, professional testing teams, and comprehensive system guarantees, it can provide enterprises with automotive inspection, CCC, export certification, NCAP research and development, RCAR research and development, ECU calibration, as well as customized technical services for vehicle collision, slide collision, and pedestrian protection testing.
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    Electromagnetic compatibility test and research department
    ■Electromagnetic compatibility test and research department(EMCTRD) mainly engaged in EMC test&research for legacy vehicles, new energy vehicles and intelligent connected vehicles on vehicle level or component&system level. We also provide EMC and vehicle standard environment assessment, automotive wireless performance evaluation, ICVs EMC safety verification and other services. ■The total coverage of Laboratory area is about 3700 square meters, with the state-of-art equipment, we here provide globally recognized first-class test ability. Currently we have one 10-meter vehicle SAC, one 3-meter motor loading SAC and eight 1-meter high and low voltage component SAC, high voltage charging conduction test system, low voltage transient conduction test system. We are also equipped with vehicle preparation room, customer rectification area, customer restroom, customer office and other supporting facilities. ■The laboratory has been recognized by CNAS/CMA, bulletin, CCC, operation qualification, CBTL laboratory accreditation and CCS qualification accreditation, relying on the cutting-edge testing equipment, professional testing team, rigorous testing process and perfected quality checking system, we provide certification testing, R&D testing and engineering technical services
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